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Delve into our Collections and discover your next read with curated lists and suggestions from Hamilton City Libraries staff.

LibChoice Twin

Librarian's Choice: Twin

Friday 1 April | Adult Fiction, Librarians Choice

This gripping Norwegian crime drama tells the story of estranged identical twins Eric and Adam, played by Kristofer Hivju (of Game of Thrones fame).

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librarian choice bring our girls back

Librarians Choice: Bring Back our Girls

Friday 7 January | Adult Non-Fiction, Librarians Choice

An astoundingly powerful account of the dramatic rescue of the group of Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped by fundamentalists in 2014.

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LibChoice Seven Sisters

Librarian's Choice: Seven Sisters Series

Thursday 30 December | Adult Fiction, Librarians Choice

Lucinda Riley's Seven Sisters series follows a group of sisters as they each explore past connections and identity.

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LibChoice Navigating the Stars

Librarian's Choice: Navigating the Stars

Friday 22 October | Adult Non-Fiction, Librarians Choice, NZ Books

This beautifully rendered, oral history retelling, weaves together the history of New Zealand, as known in Maaori traditional narratives.

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LibChoice Peter May

Librarian's Choice: Peter May's Lewis Trilogy

Friday 27 August | Librarians Choice, Adult Fiction

Detective Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate a murder on the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of northwest Scotland.

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LibChoice untamed

Librarian's Choice: Untamed

Friday 2 July | Adult Non-Fiction, Librarians Choice

Untamed is mostly a memoir, partly an autobiography, and a little bit of a conversation between author and reader.

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LibChoice organize your way

Librarian's Choice: Organize Your Way

Friday 19 March | Adult Non-Fiction, Librarians Choice

Organize Your Way examines different ways of organizing based on your personality type.

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LibChoice The Art of the Pulps

Librarian's Choice: The Art of the Pulps

Thursday 11 February | Adult Non-Fiction, Librarians Choice

The editors of The Art of the Pulps: An Illustrated History have compiled an impressive and comprehensive collection of American pulp-magazine covers from the earliest examples of the 1890s to the late-1940s.

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LibChoice Convenience Store Woman

Librarian's Choice: Convenience Store Woman

Thursday 19 November | Adult Fiction, Librarians Choice

Convenience Store Woman, written by Sayaka Murata, is a humourous, quirky novel. It follows 36-year-old Japanese woman Keiko Furukura as she navigates her life and her feeling of never truly fitting in.

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LibChoice the hobbit

Librarian's Choice: The Hobbit

Monday 7 September | Librarians Choice, Children

Tolkien’s well-known fiction story is often assumed to be metaphorical in many areas and aspects, however the fantasy tale of Hobbits, rings of power and quests determining the fate of Middle Earth leads the reader into one of the most fascinating adventures told in the last century.

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz Heather Morris

Librarian's Choice: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Friday 19 June | Librarians Choice, Adult Fiction

Selected by Eve from Central Library, this novel is a compilation from Heather Morris’s interviews with the real-life Holocaust survivor Ludwig Sokolov.

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