Phone in hand

Every week in Aotearoa, nearly 440 people seek help from Netsafe for online harassment, image-based abuse, hate speech, grooming, scams, and school incidents. To help make our country safer for whaanau, Netsafe is running its first ever NetSafety Week from July 26-30th.

This will be your chance to learn about some of the threats that are affecting homes all across New Zealand. More importantly, though, this is your chance to ask your questions of experts in this space and get some in-person advice about how to best counteract this litany of threats.

You can pre-register your interest, or you can simply show up on the evening. There will be a short presentation, followed by an open forum, as well as resources given to people to take home on the night. This is a really valuable opportunity to try and stop the people in your life becoming one of the 440 people that Netsafe works with each week.

Please register your interest below.

Upcoming event sessions

Thursday 29 July
Hillcrest Library
6:00pm - 7:00pm