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Presented by Asha Stander, this Safety Online workshop is aimed at educating parents about the online environment in general, and how they can ensure their children and whaanau stay safe in that environment. It will encourage parents to discuss with their children what to be aware of to stay safe online, as well as the potential dangers of the online environment.

This free event for adults will be held online. Please register with Asha using the form below to receive the webinar link.

Asha has indicated that she is interested in hosting more in the future if there are certain topics that the attendees wish to go over in greater detail at a later date.

About Asha:

Asha is a Canadian educator living in Wellington, New Zealand. She has been teaching primary and intermediate school for the past two years. Before her Bachelor in Education, Asha was working as a youth and family counsellor. She worked to help young people who struggled with problematic sexual behaviours and a history of sexual assault. Asha also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. During her degree, she took extensive classes on human sexuality. While working as a counsellor, Asha did training on sexually intrusive behaviours. Her passions include sexual health education, raising awareness about the harmful effects of pornography, and studying the human brain. With over a decade of experience working with youth, Asha has dedicated her life to children and teens. Asha is passionate about providing children and youth with the skills to understand how to be safe in a digital world. Education is the way forward. Knowledge is power.

Contact information

Email: whakaahu.team@hcc.govt.nz

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