In the free Go Eco Environmental Workshop Series, Michael Heiler from Go Eco will introduce you to a range of gardening and biodiversity concepts and processes. No gardening experience necessary as this is a series for beginners and those interested in how they can help both themselves and the planet!

Workshop 2: Saving and Storing Seeds

Saving seeds is not only an empowering activity that allows you to take charge of what you grow and when, it also is a form of engagement that relates our own history with that of the plants that accompanied us through time. By saving and growing from seeds, we can improve biodiversity and genetical diversity, both are essential for resilient ecosystems. In this workshop we will talk about the basic ways of reproduction of plants and what to take into account when one decides to grow for seed. We will also discuss means of storing the seeds we saved on a small and on a big scale.

This programme will be held in-person at Central Library (Auaha Meeting Room). Attendees will be asked to observe the safety measures outlined on our COVID-19 Update page.