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Central Library Closure Update


We closed the Central Library in December last year due to concerns about a part of the building which has an NBS level of only 15 per cent.

We were not prepared to put staff and the public at risk in a building which included a section at this low an NBS level.

In response to the temporary closure, we opened a temporary “pop up” library – Pop Central – in the Reception Lounge below the Council chamber, in the main Municipal Building.

We’ve been offering most of our services, albeit in a smaller scale, in Pop Central.

We appreciate the closure has taken longer than initially expected, and that it’s proving frustrating for customers.  We’ve heard your feedback and understand why you’re unhappy.

As part of our work to determine the next steps in the repair, we had some direction from Council – through a formal meeting resolution which staff must respond to – to explore alternate cost-effective means of providing CBD library services and enhancing library services in current and future growth areas.

That additional work, to look at other options, has lengthened the time the Central Library will be closed.

There will be a formal report to the Council which will include options for the Central Library repair job, the related costs, and a staff recommendation. The next step will be in the Council’s hands – they’ll decide what they want us to do.

We’d like to thank all our customers for their on-going support of Hamilton City Libraries and we appreciate your patience while we work through this issue.
We aim to keep you updated as soon as new information or decisions come to hand.

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