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Kit collection

Think of all the things you could do if you only had a tool kit or a sewing machine; think of the fantastic party you could throw if you had the means to bake a variety of sumptuous cookies! The kit collection is all about taking the time to learn something new or to dust off an existing skill, maybe even gain a new hobby. Don't put off that DIY job because you don't have the right equipment - borrow it from your local library! Let us help you discover your hidden talent for playing guitar... or stargazing. Get ready to open up a world of possibilities!

⦿   2 week loan period
⦿   $2 loan/hire charge
⦿   $5 Best Sellers for 7 day loan period
⦿   Items can be returned to any of our libraries during opening hours
⦿   No reserves
⦿   Overdue charge 50 cents per day
⦿   Best Seller overdue charge $1 per day


Cubetto Adventure Kit contents

Dobsonian Telescope Kit contents

Electric Guitar Kit contents

Go-Pro Kit contents




Arduino Kit

Arduino Kit contents

littleBits kit

LittleBits Kit contents

littleBits deluxe

LittleBits Deluxe Kit contents

Sewing machine kit

Sewing Machine Kit contents

Cookie kit

Cookie Kit contents




MiPosaur Kit contents

Skittles kit

 Skittles Kit contents

Garage Kit contents 

Garage Kit contents

Keyboard Kit contents

Keyboard Kit contents

Block trolley kit

 Block Trolley Kit contents

Travel games kit

 Travel Games Kit contents

Space Rocket kit

 Space Rocket Kit contents

Activity cube kit

 Activity Cube Kit contents

Giant tumble tower kit

 Giant Tumble Tower Kit contents

Family Fitness Kit contents

Family Fitness Kit contents

Dollhouse Kit contents

Dollhouse Kit contents

Barn Kit contents

Castle Kit contents

DJ Controller Kit contents

Perplexing Puzzles Kit contents

Giant Dominoes Kit contents

Brain Teaser Kit contents

Ukulele Kit contents

Code-A-Pillar Kit contents

Magnetic Learning Kit contents

Bongo Drum Kit Contents

Ngaa Kupu Ako Kit contents


Stud sensor kit

Stud sensor Kit contents

Tool kit

Tool Kit contents

Gardening kit

Gardening Kit contents

Energy Efficient Kit contents

Healthy Home Kit contents




Dot & Dash

Dot and Dash Kit contents

View Master VR Kit contents

Meet Edison Kit contents

Sphero Kit contents

Magnifying Lamp Kit contents

Microscope kit

Microscope Kit contents

Book Seat Kit contents

Anatomy Kit contents

Ollie Kit contents

Zoomy Microscope Kit contents

Cue Kit contents

Mini Dobsonian Telescope Kit contents

Robot Mouse Kit contents

Terms and conditions

Hamilton City Library’s Membership terms and conditions apply when you borrow a kit. These are available from the issue desk. When you borrow this kit, you are responsible for:

• Returning it by the due date, clean and in the same condition as when you borrowed it; and
• Any loss, theft or damage that occurs to the kit while it is on loan to you (ask at the issue desk for a price list of the items included in this kit); and
• Reading and following any instructions included with this kit; and
• Using items in this kit in a safe and proper manner, and only for the purposes for which it is intended and/or as set out in the instructions. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Hamilton City Libraries assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, damage to self, others or property as a result of any use or reliance on the kit you have borrowed. Nothing in this disclaimer is intended to limit your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

If you discover a fault with the kit or if it is damaged, please stop using it immediately and return it to your nearest Hamilton City Library.

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