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Fees and charges

We understand that our range of exciting offerings may keep you entertained for longer than the borrowing time, but other people may be waiting for the items you have borrowed. When you borrow items from the library you will receive a receipt showing the date your items are due back — please keep this receipt handy as a reminder to yourself.

Any items kept after this date will incur a small charge each day they are overdue. An email or letter will deliver a courtesy reminder to you for items more than 5 days overdue. If overdue items are not returned and/or charges not paid within 28 days of the due date, you will no longer be able to borrow items.

If you are under 18 years old, you will have a relative acting as your guarantor. Your guarantor has agreed to accept responsibility for all charges accrued. If items are overdue and charges are not paid then both your and your guarantor's borrowing privileges will be stopped.

You can pay library charges using internet banking. However, overdue charges cannot be paid until the overdue item has been returned. Our account number is 02-0316-0030142-17. Please use your library card number and your name as references when making payments to us.

Fees and charges valid from 1 July 2017


Loan Period

Charge for the first loan period

Daily Overdue Charge

Books 28 days Free 50c per day
Talking Books 28 days Free 50c per day
Magazines - Pay 7 days $2.10 50c per day
Magazines - Free 7 days Free 50c per day
Compact Discs - Pay 7 days $2.50 50c per day
Compact Discs - Free 7 days Free 50c per day
DVDs 7 days $2.70 50c per day
Best Sellers 7 days $5 $1 per day
eBooks / eAudiobooks 14 days Free n/a
eMagazines n/a Free n/a
Kits 14 days $1 50c per day
Books 28 days Free 10c per day
Talking Books 28 days Free 10c per day
Magazines 7 days Free 10c per day
Compact Discs 7 days Free 10c per day
DVDs 7 days Free 10c per day

Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa
- Internet and PC use
- Printing

Free 30 minute session
20c per A4 side
Community Meeting Room $17 for non-profit groups, or $55 for a commercial group
Contract Research $35 per 30 mins
Interloans - Standard $10
Interloans - All other interloan requests Price on request
Lost or Damaged Items Replacement Cost
Replacement Card $3.70
Reservations - Adult collections
 - eResources
Photocopying - black & white 20c per A4 side, 40c per A3 side
Photocopying - colour $1 per A4 side, $2.10 per A3 side
Library bags
- Standard
- Jute bag with padded handles and waterproof lining

Images/Photographs Prices on request
Individual membership $80 per 12 months
Family / Group membership $175 per 12 months

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