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American bestselling sci-fi authors Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey will be in Hamilton at the Creative Waikato Space, 131 Alexander Street at 11 am on Saturday 23 September.
They will speak about their latest books and Chris will give a presentation on successful Indie Publishing: 'Bringing Your Book to Market.' He will cover navigating the intricacies of independent publishing, from start to finish, what to do and what to avoid in order to bring a book to market and become a successful self-published author. They will have books available for sale and there will be the opportunity to get a signed copy of their work.
This is a free event hosted by the Friends of Hamilton City Libraries Association Inc.
Place your vote early on election day and then head along to hear these two authors.
Any questions contact: Kathryn Parsons, President of the Friends, Phone 0220246820

Bestselling Sci-Fi Authors and Publishers to Tour New Zealand’s North Island

Virginia Beach, Virginia—As September draws to a close and the weather starts heating up, so too will the book scene, as American bestselling authors Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey tour the North Island of New Zealand from 15-30 September 2017.

Kennedy and Wandrey, who live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Portland, Tennessee, respectively, will be promoting their latest books in the Four Horsemen Universe at a number of presentations, which will be held from Auckland to Wellington. The pair have released seven full length novels over the past nine months in the series, and have had as many as five novels at a time in the Top 40 of a number of Amazon Bestselling Lists. The series documents humanity’s integration into the Galactic Union and finding our place as mercenaries in a libertarian universe.

Kennedy’s first two science fiction series, The Theogony and The Codex Regius series, have sold over 75,000 copies, a huge accomplishment for a self-published author. In addition to publishing 15 books of his own, he has also now published 15 books for other authors with his Chris Kennedy Publishing press, through a number of imprints.

Mark Wandrey is both a science fiction and post-apocalyptic author, and he has five books in his Earth Song scifi series, as well as A Time to Die, his first post-apocalyptic adventure. Both Cartwright’s Cavaliers (one of his Four Horsemen books) and A Time to Die have been nominated as finalists for the prestigious Dragon Awards, based on fan acclaim.

There are opportunities to meet the authors at a number of venues. Wandrey will be the first into the country, and will speak to the Tauranga Writers on the 17th. After that, both authors will give a presentation on the 19th at the Auckland Library, on the 23rd to the Hamilton Public Library and the Hamilton SpecFicNZ group, and on the 24th to the SpecFicNZ group in Wellington. Kennedy will also be speaking at Massey University in Palmerston North on the 27th.

Kennedy grew up reading science fiction and fantasy books, but has spent most of his time writing science fiction books. He says, “I like the opportunities I have with scifi … to describe cultures and events that are outside the human experience. Do new races exist we haven’t met yet? I like to explore the possibilities for what might be out there, and to give those new races qualities of their own.”
Located in rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey has been creating new worlds since he was old enough to write. Mark notes, "I first realized I wanted to be a writer the minute I finished Robert A. Heinlein's, "The Rolling Stones," around 1970. It took another 30 years for me to decide I wanted to make it a career. Now after 17 years more work, I'm proud to say I'm on the verge of making my dream come true. I love to write. I love to create universes. And mostly I love the joy my writing gives people when they read it."

For more information on any of the events, Chris Kennedy can be reached on +1 717-406-4430 or e-mail at

More information about his books can be found on Amazon or his website.

Information about Mark Wandrey’s books can be found on Amazon  or his website.


It is the aim of the Friends is to:

  • Promote interest in and usage of the Library and its resources
  • Advocate on behalf of the Library and its users
  • Be a liaison between the Library users, the Library staff, Library management and the Hamilton City Council
  • Represent Library stakeholders by seeking feedback, making submissions to annual and strategic plans
  • Encourage the appreciation of our heritage and the arts

Friends enjoy:

  • Participation in an important community organisation
  • A regular newsletter
  • Invigorating meetings on a range of topics
  • The opportunity to make collective comments on library services

Annual membership fees are:

Individual (Waged) $15
Unwaged $10
Couples/Partners $18

For membership details, contact:

Sonia Wells
265 Pukete Road

Phone: 07 850 9592 - Email:

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