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 "Victory Parade, Victoria Street, 8 November 1918
(HCL 1040)


Hamilton City Libraries' archives are an excellent resource if: 

  • you need original material for an assignment
  • you are researching Hamilton or Waikato history 
  • you are interested in local genealogy 
  • you are researching topics from our past that will be enhanced by local case studies

Or you may think of other uses if you browse through the holdings.

What unique treasures from our past can you find in the Archives?
An Armed Constabulary diary from the 1870s, Elkington family whakapapa, Hamilton City Council rate books, League of Mothers records, political papers from Trevor Mallard, the letters of William Rysdale (an early Waikato settler) and Aerial Photographs of Hamilton from 1948 are just a few examples. The focus is on Hamilton City Council, Hamilton and the Waikato region, as defined by the regional council, Environment Waikato.

What exactly are archives and manuscripts? 
Archives are the non-current records of an organisation or institution which we are preserving because of their long-term value. Manuscripts are the unpublished papers of private individuals or families and may include items such as letters, diaries, accounts, photographs, research papers and scrapbooks.

How do you use them? 
You can make a preliminary search for archives on the catalogue. Archives can be viewed in the archives reading room on Level 3 of the Central Library. To view the material you are interested in, just ask at the Information Desk.    

How do you get further help in finding them?
You're welcome to ask for assistance in finding what you need. Archives are not indexed or classified in the same way as books, so it can take time to identify particular requirements. We should remember that, in most cases, when the records were created the intended user was the person or office who created them. The arrangement of records reflects the creator's needs which were probably different from yours, the future researcher's. However there are various lists, inventories and registers, in addition to the catalogue, to help you. You may also like to check the community archive for holdings in other institutions.

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