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Lingogo is a digital library app for fun, dual-language, indigenous stories. Lingogo makes it easy to for anyone to learn about, connect with, and enjoy indigenous cultures and languages.

  • Access a range of stories in Te Reo Maaori with English translations.

  • Read or listen - the choice is yours.

  • New stories in other Pacific languages have started to arrive - check the app for new Samoan stories.

Learn more about Lingogo

Open Lingogo website

Install the Lingogo app on your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Select 'Tap to choose your school or library' > Hamilton Libraries and enter your library card number and PIN to log in.

Lingogo iOS app

Lingogo Android app

Lingogo is only available through the mobile apps at this stage. Availability via a computer is coming soon.

Browse stories by selecting 'Stories' from the menu.

When you open a story, it will appear in an indigenous language. Read a sentence, then tap it to see a pop-up with English translation and a headphone icon. Tapping the headphone icon will play a recording of the pronunciation of the sentence.

The end of the story contains an 'Extra for Experts' area, where there is an option to listen to the full story (with scrolling text on-screen).

For extra support while reading, tap the magnifying glass for an online dictionary, and the + sign (where applicable) for translation notes.

Lingogo includes audio for each sentence and a full audio narration for people who prefer to listen rather than read.

For further help and answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to the Lingogo FAQ.

If you can't find a solution using these resources, please contact the Matihiko/Digital Services Team with a description of the issues you're having and we'll do what we can to help.