Librarian's Choice: Hamilton & Waikato: The ultimate family guidebook

LibChoice Outdoor kid guidebook

Title: Hamilton & Waikato: The ultimate family guidebook

Author: Ceana Priest

This book is a valuable resource for families looking for local outdoor activities to take their whole family on. The practical and easy-to-use advice and resources includes information specific to children of different ages. Each adventure location is detailed with maps and location-specific guidance. Bonus features include Maaori names for each location and areas of special interest such as local flora and fauna spotting and informational pictures. The book comes stuffed full of excellent child-specific ideas, activities and even worksheets as well as maps and Maaori language tools. This book is invaluable for families wanting safe, planned adventures outdoors that are child friendly, free, easy to plan for and get to as well.

This book will suit families looking for free, fun, family friendly outdoor activities in the Hamilton and Waikato area. Future readers will enjoy the fantastic choice of activities and practical information about each site and what makes it special to the area. The advantage to borrowing it is that it is easy to hold in the hand while you explore with your kids as well as the wealth of ideas that will include all members of the family. It is written with very practical suggestions throughout and clever fixes to common hindrances to getting out there and getting the most out of our wonderful outdoor life here in Hamilton and the Waikato with your family.