Friday Film Review: Years and Years

FFR Years and Years

David from Hillcrest Library reviews a film from our DVD Collection each Friday.
This week: Years and Yearscreated by Russell T Davies

I grew up watching Doctor Who when Russell T Davies was at the helm, and I instantly fell in love with the way in which he told a story. Often full of heart, family, and a lesson for the viewer, Davies knew how to tug on the heartstrings. What a delight then, to have Years and Years to watch now. Years and Years is drama at its finest. Set over the course of fifteen years, starting with one eventful night in 2019, the show follows the Lyons family, as well as the political state of Britain. All of the acting is terrific, especially that of Emma Thompson, who plays Vivienne Rook MP, a businesswoman turned politician, who turns the political world of Britain on its head.

Equal parts family drama as it is dystopia, Years and Years is the perfect six-part series to watch, if you’re looking for genuine drama, brilliant twists, excellent writing, and a bleak look into a possible future. Years and Years is one of those shows you’ll watch, and then beg your friends to watch too. You’ll yell at the TV, cry with the Lyons, and maybe, just maybe, swing your political leaning. Regardless, you’ll be in for an absolute treat. It really is unmissable television. Once you’ve watched, why not treat yourself to Davies’ other fantastic miniseries It’s a Sin, which we also hold.