Black and white image showing section of map of Hamilton with blue and white title overlaid on top which reads Mapping the Past..

Mapping the Past is an activity that can be approached several ways.

This activity contains:

  • 2 x old maps of Hamilton East and Claudelands

  • 2 x new maps of Hamilton East and Claudelands

  • 1 x Pa and Urupaa Site Cards

  • 1 x Post Settlement Site Cards

  • 1 x set of photographs 

Inquiry Practice – Identifying and exploring historical relationships

  • Opportunities to find locations from Timeline Cards and get new perspectives on them through changes in the physical geography.

  • Students can start to think about how we continue to develop significant Maaori historical spaces (like Miropiko Paa or Te Parapara Garden). They can also think about why this is important to the community.

  • There are multiple examples of 'history ghosts' that students can try and find. This detective work can help them match past sites to what is there today (e.g., the Pearson's Soap factory building in Hamilton East).

Inquiry Practice - Identifying sources and relationships

  • Maatauranga Maaori perspectives are used for all the Paa and Urupaa sites.

  • Students should be able to notice differences between how the information from Maaori sites is presented compared to the Post-Settlement sites.

There are, again, many opportunities for students to question why there is such a significant imbalance between the information accessible for post-settlement sites and pre-settlement sites.