Black and white image showing a large crowd gathered around a World War One cenotaph on ANZAC Day. A blue and white title is overlaid over the image which reads Debating the Past.

This activity appears simple, but if done right should provoke lots of discussions, and a 'correct' answer will never be found.

This activity contains:

  • 2 x A3 Wallcharts for students to fill in

  • 1 x Activity card

  • Newspaper clippings for students to use as primary sources 

Inquiry Practice - Interpreting past experiences, decisions, actions

  • This activity is about empathising with people in the past and considering the diversity of opinions. We assume a lot about people in the past, so we must think about people in the past as human beings living lives like we are.

  • Students get the ability to form an argument and take a firm stance and then consider whether or not this is actually how they feel in real life.

  • There are opportunities to think about some of the questions from the Rangiriri Timeline Card (if your class chooses that one). These questions help link this activity to the present.


Newspaper Excerpts

HCL_01037, Hamilton City Libraries

Ngaa Koorero Tuku Iho, Hamilton in the Great War, Hamilton City Libraries, Hamilton, 2018.