Black and white image showing staff of a flax mill gathered in front of the building. The building sits on a riverbank. A blue and white title is overlaid over the image reading East Hamilton Timeline.


The Hamilton East Timeline works by getting students to select eight events from 19 different events throughout Hamilton East's history.

This activity contains: 

  • 1 x Timeline Wallchart

  • 19 x Double Sided Timeline Cards

  • 19 x Timeline 'stickers'

  • 80 x Reproductions (including maps, photos, newspapers, programmes)

Inquiry Practice – Identifying and explore historical relationships

  • Sequencing through the selection of events and arrangement of those events by students.

  • The events in the activity link together in different ways across these cards - and across activities in some cases.

  • All events should encourage further investigation. However, some events have links to the present built-in specifically as part of their story.

Inquiry Practice – Identifying Sources and Perspectives

  • Students will use a broad base of evidence, including maps, photos, newspapers, oral history, books, and programmes. This provides opportunities to compare and analyse the relative merits of each type of source.

  • There is some oral history used in this project. However, the absence of Maaori oral history in comparison to colonial sources should be used to raise questions regarding missing voices in NZ history.

  • These primary resources are all physical because that is primarily what an archive holds. You can discuss with your students what impact this might have had on our history and what they think should be done.

Inquiry Practice – Interpreting past experiences, decisions, actions

  • This activity provides opportunities to look at historical attitudes to issues such as Raupatu. It is worth discussing these and comparing them to how students feel about it in 2022.

  • There are also opportunities for students to make ethical judgments regarding things like the commemoration of settlers arriving in Kirikiriroa.

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