A collaged image including black and white heritage images, newspaper headlines and colour book covers. A blue and white title is overlaid over the image which reads Briefcase Histories.

The Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum has been launched, ready for implementation from 2023. Briefcase Histories is a pilot programme we are running across schools in Hamilton East during 2022 to help teachers teach our local history. The intention is to expand the programme citywide if it is a success.

There are some key points to know:

  • This is a physical resource that classes can use for one term. If this is already booked by another class, all the components are available as digital downloads below. Both the physical and digital items are free of charge.

  • Suggested instructions are provided with each activity, but the components can be used to support many different lesson plans.

  • The resource has been designed for Years 5-9. 

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Activity One: East Hamilton Timeline

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Activity Two: Mapping The Past

Learn More about Activity Two

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Activity Three: Debating the Past

Learn more about Activity Three

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