Laser Larry has is an Emblaser 2, a machine in orange colour with a bold sticker that says 'caution: hot'.

What is it?

Larry the Laser cutter can cut materials such as wood & acrylic up to 3 mm thick. We have also successfully cut soft materials including wood, acrylic, paper, card, felt, foam and leather. Laser engraving is possible on many materials, including ones too thick to cut.

We have plywood available for purchase or you can bring your own, but please let us know if you are planning to bring your own materials. 

How do I use it?

You can get started with the design software called Lightburn at our Computer suite or if you already have a suitable file you can get started on your project after a quick health and safety briefing. Please ensure that your file is .svg, .dxf, or .eps.

Please click here for our instructions on how to use Laser Larry. Our instructions are created on Google Slides with accessibility settings in mind. 

Please note: Laser Larry requires staff supervision due to health and safety so there may be a wait until someone is available to help you.

Are there any costs?

All materials have different costs. For more details, please see fees and charges for Auaha

How do I book it?

There is no need to book this laser cutter. Simply come into Auaha and ask one of our friendly staff about it. You can also email us for more information.