Printing a logo on a black t-shirt using Hoppip the Happy Press.

What is it?

Hoppip is a HappyPress 3, a professional grade heat press for adding vinyl designs to clothing. Simply heat the press, pop your clothes in with the vinyl in place and then wait a minute - the vinyl is glued to the clothing by the heat press. She makes a great partner to Samantha our vinyl printer!

How do I use it?

You wait for Hoppip to be at a suitable temperature for your materials. Once the machine has reached the designated temperature, position the garment and application and proceed to press.
Lower and lock the heat platen into the press position. This procedure will start the automatic timing process.

The timer will automatically count down and audibly signal you to lift the heat plate into the “UP” position when the press cycle is complete.

The time will automatically re-set and you are ready to continue with the next application.

Please note: Hoppip requires staff supervision due to health and safety so there may be a wait until someone is available to help you.

Are there any costs?

You need to bring your own materials. Please discuss your project needs with a Auaha librarian.

How do I book it?

There is no need to book. Simply come into Auaha and ask one of our friendly staff about it. You can also email us to get more information about this kit.