Bernice sits adjacent to other 3D printers.

What is it? 

Meet Bernice the FDM 3D Printer which allows the creation of a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, by laying down many thin layers of filament. Bernice can only print ABS. She is perfect for printing big, functional parts such as washers and bolts.

How do I use it?

Getting started with 3D modelling is easy!

For new learners we recommend starting with Tinkercad or Instructables. Step by step tutorials are built-in on these websites. Please click here for our instructions on 3D printing. Our instructions are created on Google Slides with accessibility settings in mind. 

You can use Tinkercad to create an STL file type (A 3D sculpture and model that you want to make). It will allow you to create objects using simple shapes and combine them together. 

If you are bringing your own files to Auaha, our staff members will help you importing your file into our software. This software changes your STL file into directions that the printer can use, in order to print your product.

Our friendly Auaha librarian may ask you a few questions to get more information, which can help us adjust settings and make the print the best it can be for your situation.


If you require a specific colour please note this when submitting your print job and we will ensure that the colour is available for you. We will contact you with alternatives if it is unavailable.


We will do our best to print your model but sometimes things go wrong and the projects don't print out as expected. 

Are there any costs?

All materials have different costs. For more details, please see fees and charges for Auaha

How do I book it?

There is no need to book this printer. Simply come into Auaha and ask one of our friendly staff about it. You can also email us to get more information about this kit.