An eMagazine is a magazine published in electronic format which can be read on a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Hamilton City Libraries offer eMagazines through the Zinio platform.



  • Over 100 popular eMagazine titles are available through Zinio
  • Borrow as many as you like
  • No need to return - they're yours to keep!
  •  View our brief user guide (PDF, 300KB)

Create your Zinio account via the Hamilton City Libraries Zinio page (upper-right corner - 'Create New Account') before installing the Zinio For Libraries app from the App Store, Google Play or for your Amazon Fire.  A user guide (PDF, 300KB) is available to help you through the process of creating your Zinio account, and selecting and reading eMagazines. Smartphone / tablet users can download the Zinio for Libraries app from the App Store, Google Play or for your Amazon Fire.  User guides and tutorials on how to access your reading list through your mobile device are available through the Zinio Help pages.

Please note: Zinio is operated in conjunction with Comics Plus so only one account is required. If you already have a Comics Plus account, this can be used to access Zinio. 

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