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At Hamilton City Libraries we nurture and support curiosity and learning within our communities. Free online courses are one way to do this. Most of the links below are free, web-based and you won’t have to sign up or enrol. If you would like further information on lifelong learning, please email our Lifelong Learning Librarian Renee Morrison, or phone 07 838 6469.


  • Computer mentors

  • Chartwell, Dinsdale, Glenview, and St Andrews libraries offer free, 1-on-1 help writing your CV, setting up an email account or any other computer-related things you may want to know about. We have mentors who speak many different languages so if you know someone who doesn't have English as their first language and could use some computer help, please ask staff for available sessions. Sorry - mentors are not available at Hillcrest library. Check our calendar for days and times.


    •     Internet safety tips

    There are some great New Zealand-based information sites to keep in mind when talking or thinking about internet safety:

    Learnthenetbasics was devised to help guide people through some of the issues and risks we all face every time we go online. They have identified some of the more important risks and issues that computer users commonly face and have created an animated story to demonstrate each aspect.

    This cyberbullying website contains dedicated guidance for young people and their caregivers, support people etc., who want help to understand and deal with bullying that takes place in cyberspace.

    Netsafe is great tool to find out about what scams are about and lots of other things.

    Scamwatch is a government run site that is great for information and what to do if you have been scammed.

    Hectors World is a interactive site especially for children. It includes videos depicting Hector dolphins (amongst other animals/marine life) to help teach the internet safety message. It’s fun to navigate around the map here. This is a link to the videos. 

    Here at Hamilton City Libraries we have put together a quick guide of things to think about when you or your children are using the internet. You can find a copy of it here.


  • Tools and tips for learner drivers

  • Free Road Code mock theory tests. Theory practice tests based on the official 2014 Road Code Handbook from the NZ Transport Agency.

    Drive.govt.nz is a website with everything to do with passing your licence with games, interactive Road Code tests and videos.


  • New Government website

  • Govt.nz is useful for both residents and want to be residents of New Zealand. It gives you one place to find out everything from what to do in an emergency, consumer rights, to how to pass your driver's licence tests. If you don't know where to start looking for government information online or you want to understand how government services work have a look at this website.


  • Adult education classes

  • Are you interested in hip-hop, choir, crafts, SLAM, or speech craft? Join our free classes.


  • Help with your job searching

  • Work and Income have a great site to help you with your job search, and CV templates.

    Careersnz is a good New Zealand resource useful for all things job related.

    How to write your CV

    How to market yourself

    Or search the huge list here of current job vacancies.

    "Find your fit" created by Wintec, is short questionnaire designed to find out which jobs you would be good at. Wintec has a number of courses you can do, both free and paid, that could help you find the perfect job. 

    For more in depth help contact English Language Partners on 07 853 2188. They offer a four week course for migrant job seekers called Work Talk. It covers CVs, cover letters, interviews, how and where to look for work, Te Tiriti O Waitangi, health and safety, employment agreements and minimum employment rights.


  • GCF LearnFree

  • GCF LearnFree is an amazing resource which is based in North Carolina. Try a beginners' guide to Facebook or any of the hundreds of other free tutorials. GCF LearnFree has a huge range of topics from how to read a phone bill to how to write your CV and beyond.


  • eBooks

  • Hamilton City Libraries have well over 8000 ebooks you can download onto any device or computer (apart from the Kindle). Help guides relating to the Wheelers ePlatform covering most devices can be accessed here.

    There is also a simple one page instruction guide you can print and keep handy for instructions on how to download any eBook from Wheelers ePlatform. Have a look at our eBook pages for more details. If you would like to know more about eBooks (or any other computer related issue), please ask your community library for the times our Computer Mentors are available.

    eBooks (and eAudiobooks) are also available from BorrowBox. You can read these on your computer or use the free BorrowBox app on your Apple or Android mobile device.

    eGraphic novels and comic books are available from ComicsPlus Library Edition. You can access these 17,0000 titles if you sign in with your Zinio account, or register for a new account using your library card.


  • Learn to touch type

  • This BBC learn to touch type website is aimed at kids, but is fun and engaging enough for adults as well. You just need to get used to the accent.

    The BBC has free online courses - try gardening, religious studies, or how about food and catering?  Learn at your own pace.


  • Excel help

  • Many people find Excel useful but it can be daunting. Excel is an important skill in many jobs. We have found a great website that can help, in an easy to follow format – whether you just want to know how to freeze panes or rows or something more in depth you can find help here.


  • Adult literacy and ESOL

  • The BBC is also a good site for you to learn or improve your reading or writing for literacy.  It’s good for non-native English speakers also.

    Listen to a six minute recording in English and answer questions about what you have heard, and find written dictionary definitions.

    This link is a good link for other learning resources for adults.

    And here is a link to many different websites that can help you improve your English, and another link to improve your pronunciation of English. Thanks to Waikato Pathways College – Te Hunua for sharing these with us.


  • International students in New Zealand

  • This website provides a one-stop-shop for information about employment rights and responsibilities, health and safety in the workplace, working conditions attached to the student visa and much more. The website is mobile compatible and available in Chinese, English and Korean.


  • New to New Zealand?

  • Immigration New Zealand provides a fantastic website filled with information for people who wish to extend their visit, live permanently or bring family to New Zealand.

    If you are new to New Zealand and wish to find out how you can live and work in New Zealand successfully there is a great website to help you do both. It gives you tips on how to search for jobs, list free places you can go to get information and much more.


  • How about trying community education courses at Fraser High School?

  • Courses include defensive driving, how to weave a taaniko and contemporary Korowai cloak, Hathi yoga, gardening, sewing, beekeeping, woodwork and much more.


  • Where can you go to learn Te Reo Maaori?

  • Why not try the Korero Maaori link on the Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maaori website?

    This site has beginner through to advanced help, and has interactive audio conversations too.


  • Learn Sign Language

  • Did you know Sign Language is an official language? Learn how to "speak" it, courtesy of NZSL Online.

  • Russian Language Group - Русский язык группы

  • Every Monday evening 6.30pm now at:

    Arts for Health Community Trust
    Ward Park Arts and Crafts Centre
    2 Seddon Road

    Contact Sergei Litvinenko sergeiltv@hotmail.com

  • Treaty of Waitangi

  • If you would like to  learn about the Treaty of Waitangi, try New Zealand History Online, Nga korero a ipurangi o Aotearoa.


  • Free university courses

  • Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer university courses online for anyone to take, for free. Arts, Sciences, English, Statistics and more, it’s all here.


  • The Writers' Den Support Group

  • If you share our passion for writing you are welcome to meet with us fortnightly, share your work, receive feedback and support on our writing journeys.

    St Andrews Library Community Room

    Alternate Wednesdays beginning 11 January 2017    

    5.30 pm-7.30 pm

    Contact Lee Kimber kimberwrite@gmail.com

    Chartwell Library

    Alternate Thursdays beginning 19 January 2017

    5.45 pm-7.30 pm

    Contact Denise Jensen djens51@gmail.com


  • English Language Conversation Group

  • Every Friday from December 23rd (except December 30th) 6-7.30pm at:

    Creative Waikato Building
    131 Alexandra Street

    Contact Yasmine Serhan yasmine.serhan@gmail.com


  • We are grateful to BBC Learning for allowing the use of their online resources on this page.

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